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What we do

Shay honing rocker arms on the Sunnen Hone.

Boring a loader arm on the Cincinnati mill.

Ted assembling a cylinder head.

Berco Con Rod Boring Machine.

Magnafluxing a V-12 Cummins crankshaft.

When you've been in business as long as we have, it's sort of hard to line out all the things you've done over the years. There are the standard jobs and then, every once in a while, you're called on to do something new.

For that reason, consider this the short list of what we do at M&W Machine. If you've got something special that needs to be tackled, contact us and there's a good chance that we have the equipment and can handle that, too.

Oilfield Services

PH6 tubing recuts
API Connections
Crossover Subs
BOP Rebuilds


Chemical cleaning
   Mart Tornado 40 spray washer
   60-inch table diameter
   5,000-pound load capacity
   Larger capacity chemical cleaning available
Thermal cleaning
Glass beading
Steel shot blasting
Sand blasting

Crankshaft service

Crankshaft grinding
   10-inch stroke – 84-inch in length
Submerged arc crankshaft welding to 100 inches
Crankshaft polishing to 100 inches
Crankshaft straightening
Hardness testing
Magnaflux service
Wet process – 18 inches x 100 inches
Dry process – unlimited

Connecting rod rebuilding

Clean and magnaflux rods
Check for bend and twist
Resize crankshaft end
Replace pin bushings and bore to correct length

Cylinder block machining

Cylinder boring and honing
Cylinder sleeving
Lifter bore sleeving
Line honing
Line boring
Install high performance main caps
Install main saddle inserts
Deck automotive blocks with “BHJ Block-True”
Resurface H/D diesel blocks
Counterbore H/D diesel block
Install counterbore inserts
Install lower packing sleeves

Cylinder head rebuilding

Pressure test heads
Valve jobs – multi-angle
Guide installation
Diamond hone guide sizing
Seat installation
Injector tube installation
Spark plug thread repair
Head resurfacing
Manifold resurfacing
Angle milling of heads

Driveshaft repair service

Tube straightening
C/V joints
U joints
Repair your driveshaft or build a new one
We stock Spicer parts

Irrigation pump repair

Centrifugal pumps
Lineshaft turbine pumps
Partial or complete rebuildings, including motor teardown, cleaning and re-bearing.

Welding service

Types available: Mig, Tig, Stick, Submerged Arc, Bore Welding, Spray welding
Custom welding and fabricating
Cast iron repair
Submerged arc shaft build up
Automatic bore welding


Flywheel grinding
Custom OD grinding

General parts repair

Gear and axle housings
Conveyor rollers
Electric motor components
Other worn or damaged equipment parts

Check out our equipment.  If you need more information, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

M&W Machine, Inc.

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