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Our equipment

Ganesh GT-3080TR CNC Lathe

Hass TL-3B CNC Lathe

Haas TM-3P CNC Milling Machine

F88 Rottler CNC machine.

Bore Tech bore welder on articulated tractor.

Lion engine lathe.

York portable line borer.

At M&W Machine, we're proud of our equipment. We've built up a considerable inventory of machines and tools to get the job done right the first time. Here's a sampling of what we've got.

Ganesh GT-3080TR CNC Lathe

This unit has a 6 5/8" bore with an automatic tool changer, 30" swing x 80" part length

Hass TL-3B CNC Lathe

Our Haas CNC lathe has a 8½" bore, manual tool change, 30" swing x 60" part.

Hass TL-3B CNC Lathe

Our Hass milling machine is 40" x 20" x 16", 40 taper, 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) vector drive, 6000 rpm, full enclosure, 10-station automatic tool changer, Y- and Z-Axis way covers, with an Intuitive Programming System..

F88 Rottler

Our F88 Rottler CNC machine is the heart of our cylinder block machining. Featuring C.B.N. tooling, we give you the correct surface finish every time. Right angle boring heads allow us to line bore blocks up to 115 inches long, with bores up to 8.5 inches. We can also bore and sleeve large compressor cylinders up to 20 inches in diameter, 30- inches long. Counterbore inserts and lower receiver sleeves are installed withi .0001-inch accuracy. With this capacity, we can easily handle blocks as large as the 3516 Caterpillar, 7042 Waukesha and 8G825 White Superior.

Portable line boring

With our portable welding and line boring equipment, we can go to your job site and take care of any services required. Our Bore Tech welder will build up bores up to 36 inches, including thrust areas. We have boring bars up to 12 feet in length.
York Portable line boring machine

Milling machines

   Bridgeport Series I with 2 axis DRO
   Cincinnati Hydrotel with 3 axis DRO, 120 inches of table travel
   Sinada Horizontal Boring Mill with 360 degrees rotary table


   Lion 20-inch by 80-inch engine lathe with DRO
   Monarch #36NN lathe 43 inches by 134 inches

Con rod rebuilding

Sunnen Hone
Berco Pin Boring Machine
Tobin Arp Electronic Aligner

Crankshaft grinders

Storm Vulcan
Van Norman

Cylinder heads

Peterson Seat and Guide Machine
Serdi Seat and Guide Machine
Peterson CBN Surfacer
Kwik Way Valve Facer


600 Amp Lincoln
350 Amp Linde Tig
304 XMT Miller

Line boring

York Portable line boring machine
Seest floor model line borin machine

Special equipment

   150-ton Dake Press
   Phoenix computerized band saw
   Meta-Lax stress relieving
   Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing

If you need more information, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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